Benefits of a Wood100 Home

The healthiest, most sustainable home

"This major structural building system, based on ancient construction techniques, using state-of-the-art technology, and with a totally sustainable source of material as its basic ingredient - and produced off the grid no less - is truly the ultimate cradle to cradle product."

We focus on being the healthiest, most sustainable home, however there are many benefits that come from adopting Wood100 as your building method of choice.

Holz100 are cradle to cradle products

A truly healthy home

  • The pure and natural untreated wood results in much cleaner air in the home. The ability to breathe pollutant free air is a blessing for those with allergies.
  • The excellent air quality is also due in part to no off-gassing from insulation or artificial products used in the home's interior.
  • The wood naturally controls the moisture content of the air in the home. It stays at a relatively constant +50% humidity all year round - imagine no dry air in winter affecting your breathing and irritating your skin. These homes actually have a 50 year warranty against condensation.
  • It has been scientifically proven that you sleep deeper in these sold wood homes. The heart beats quieter and slower and you awake better rested. Wood100 hotels in Europe have extremely high occupancy rates and repeat customers willing to advocate heavily to the sleep benefits.
  • Another pollutant in homes is actually sound. Effective sound proofing of course also improves quality of sleep. The solid wood mass of Wood100 offers superior soundproofing than man-made materials.The quietest hotel in Europe is a Wood100 build (68 decibel)
natural wood house exterior

A safe home

  • Wood100 homes have withstood fires, flooding and earthquakes. The home has top fire protection values because the solid blocks of wood do not burn but simply char on the outer surface. Ceilings in Wood100 homes perform better than concrete against fire.
  • Compared to CLT there are no toxic fumes emitting from glues used. The glues CLT actually act as fire accelerators.
  • Wood contains no materials which are destroyed by water during floods.
  • The solid wooden block remains elastic and pliable through earthquakes. Temples in Japan over 1600 years old are wooden buildings with wooden pegs, just like Wood100. These buildings have outlasted storms and earthquakes proving the effectiveness of wood to wood connections and the solid wood construction. Infact Wood100 homes have received the highest earthquake safety rating in Japan.
  • Thousands of studies worldwide have shown that overexposure to high frequency raditation can lead to weakened immunities, lowered resistance to bacterial and viral infections and devastating illnesses like cancer. The solid wood shell in Wood100 acts as a safety shield from high frequency radiation for the inside of the home. Wood100 blocks up to 99% of high frequency radiataion from cell phones and 53% of low frequency radiation from power lines.
Holz100 Canada holds a cradle to cradle certification

An energy efficient home

  • The Wood100 solid wood home has the world record for heat insulation in structural materials and therefore minimal operating costs. Energy price increases are much less of a worry to Wood100 homeowners!
  • The R-values commonly used in Canada are by themselves not sufficient to calculate energy efficiency of a building. Wall systems with exactly the same R-values can perform dramatically differently. Recent tests of 3 wall systems with the same R values showed the superiority of Wood100. With the inside temperature set to 21C and the outside sitting at -10C the heat in the homes was turned off. Researchers waited to see how long it took for the inside temperature to fall to 0C. A passive stick-frame wall home took 41 hours. The home with brick and insulation took 259 hours and the Wood100 home took 777 hours!
  • From the research above a Wood100 home needs 1/3 of the heating system compared to a traditional framed home even if it has the same R-value.
  • There are Wood100 homes that have no heating system at all! Rather they are passive solar, the heat emanating from the people in the home, the appliances and the thermal mass of the wood. It's like having air conditioning and heating systems with zero energy consumption. In the summer the home stays cool and in the winter it stays warm.
Holz100 Canada are sustainable cradle to cradle products

Truly sustainable production

  • All wood used in a Wood100 home is harvested from sustainable forests. The trees are cut during sap rest periods, a tradition dating back thousands of years, which preserves wood against mould and insects.
  • The production of the actual solid wood blocks in the Wood100 factory is a lesson in real sustainability too - the factory recycles its waste wood in special clean-burn furnaces that, with supplemental solar panels, create more than enough electricity and heat to operate the facility and the head office. They actually produce more energy than they consume.
  • During manufacture Wood100 solid wood, processed without glue, uses a fraction of the production energy compared with chemically processed wood (including OSB, CLT, Plywood etc ) clay bricks, cement and reinforced concrete.
  • Wood100 is an example of cradle to cradle in its purest form. Wood100 actually has Gold Certification. The wood used is always clean wood - a valuable material for generations to come. It can be un-assembled, reused for other applications, or for fuel or compost with no environmental consequences. Wood is a carbon neutral product. (1 tonne of wood stores 1.8 tonnes of carbon). To ensure we lower carbon emissions we need to store as much of it in materials like wood and keep it there as long as possible.
cradle to cradle certification for wood100 natural wood house

Speedy construction

  • The solid Wood100 panels are constructed off-site. When the site is ready they are delivered and assembled in as little as one day. That saves construction time and money. It's also reassuring when our Canadian weather makes it imperative to seal and protect the home as quickly as possible.


Why others chose to build with Wood100 / Holz100

Wood and human health. Using Holz100
Wood and human health
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