What is a Wood100 Home?

Quite simply it's the healthiest home in the world.

It's called Wood100 because the shell of the home is made of 100% wood. The wood is grown in sustainably managed forests and harvested according to ancient traditions. Wood100 is a 100% solid wood, no glue, no chemical shell, making it a truly sustainable way to build a healthy home. The patented Wood100 construction method - layers of solid wood connected with wooden dowels to thicknesses of up to 40cm - uses no glue or other chemical pollutants.

The solid wood panels are assembled into interior walls, floors and ceilings, roof structures and exterior walls and results in a healthy, natural shell surrounding the occupants of the home. Temples in Japan which were built over 1600 years ago using these techniques are still standing. They have outlasted storms and earthquakes proving the effectiveness of wood to wood connections and solid wood construction.

"This totally sustainable, natural resource, when used responsibly, is the best alternative to all other construction materials".

solid wood house built with Holz100 Canada

Where did the idea for Wood100 come from?

Wood100 / Holz100 was invented in Austria by Erwin Thoma over 20 years ago and heralded a new era of quality wood home construction.

Erwin Thoma, originally a forester, was disillusioned with the chemicals and artificial products used in modern home builds - the inability to recycle or dispose, their energy inefficiency and the increasing health issues occupants were experiencing. Infact it was the rapid decline in health of his son when the family moved into a new build home that prompted his research into and ultimate belief in the traditional, natural products and techniques to build truly healthy homes.

With knowledge of solid wood buildings constructed thousands of years ago and still standing in Asia and Europe and a strong environmental concern for cradle to cradle building, Erwin Thoma set out to build the healthiest home. Wood100 was the result.

Wood100 is a truly sustainable product.

All wood used in a Wood100 home is harvested from sustainable forests. The trees are cut during sap rest periods in the correct lunar phase, a tradition dating back thousands of year, which preserves against mould and insects. The wood in a Wood100 home is always clean wood - at the end of its life everything in the house remains a recoverable raw material that can be recycled or used over and over again.

A Wood100 home is highly water resistant and performs better than other construction methods in heat insulation, fire security, radiation shielding, earthquake safety and has a 100% protection against condensation and mould growth.

Wood100 homes offer a wide range of benefits. You can find details on the Benefits of a Wood100 Home page.

You will see from the Gallery that a Wood100 home can be traditional or modern in style. The design is limited only by your imagination.

green home building products by Holz 100 Canada

How Wood100 is different to other homes in Canada?

Wood100 really is Green Building. Today everyone claims to be building green. However closer inspection reveals that many 'green buildings' are far from it: the use of plastics, glues and resins, spray-in insulation, vapour barriers and chemicals are prevalent in many buildings, even those with passive house, LEED certified and green labels.

You may have heard of CLT taking off recently as the 'new building material' in Canada? CLT stands for 'cross laminated timber' and has been used in Europe for over 30 years. Like Wood100 it is a large block of wood that comes from the layering of thinner layers of wood. (up to x layers in a 30cm block). However, unlike Wood100 where the layers are connected by the wooden dowels, CLT layers are usually glued together chemically. The absolute refusal by Wood100 to use glue delivers the key benefits of our products - a truly healthy sustainable home.

Below you can read the main advantages of non-glued Wood100 versus glued CLT:

Sustainable / recycling / ecological advantage

  • glued wood is automatically contaminated waste. In the manufacture of glued CLT there are many instances of off-cuts (such as window and door cut-outs) all of which are glue contaminated and therefore un-recyclable. Wood100 is completely clean. It can be disassembled and reused, burned or composted. It is 100% recyclable wood. This is why it has a Gold Certification by Cradle to Cradle.
  • the energy consumption during manufacture of glued CLT is roughly 3.5 times higher than Wood100. The glued CLT production process results in much higher emissions than with Wood100.

Allergies / Health

  • the glues in CLT are highly toxic (we dare you to stay calm when you read some of the material safety data sheets for a typical glue used!) Their use carries certain risks, especially for people with allergies and hyper-sensitivity. There is significant off-gassing from glued-CLT and some ingredients in the diisocyanate glues are carcinogenic.
  • Wood100 has no danger of off-gassing.


  • each glue layer in CLT reduces the breathability of the construction by up to 80%. Such reduced breathability causes condensation and poor air quality in the home.
  • non-glued Wood100 regulates the indoor climate much better than glued CLT because moisture can be transferred freely between the entire wall system.

Insulation Value

  • the wall components in Wood100 insulate much better than glued CLT. Wood100 has double the R-value of glued CLT. (Wood100 holds the world record in insulation value for any structural building components)

Fire Resistance

  • the glue layers in CLT act as fire accelerators
  • in the event of fire glued CLT emits toxic fumes.

So, at Wood100 we don't believe you should contaminate a natural product with glue, especially when in addition to being better for the environment, you get superior benefits without it.


Why others chose to build with Wood100 / Holz100

Wood and human health. Using Holz100
Wood and human health
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