How to Get Your Wood100 Home

The healthiest, most sustainable home

Architectural styles and tastes vary. The Wood100 system gives you (almost) total architectural design freedom. The standard wooden system parts fulfil every need from a private house with modern low energy consumption levels to commercial buildings for innovative and cost-conscious businesses.

We have a team of architectural designers, experienced in working with Wood100 who can help you design your home. They will speak with you to identify your preferred style and layout of home and provide you with design ideas. They can work up these ideas to architectural drawings.

sustainable home builder using Holz100 Canada products

Production drawings are created according to your customised plans and requirements and converted to engineering prints for cutting and construction of your desired home.

Efficient build

This makes a high level of prefabrication possible. Grooves and cut-outs for electric wiring, windows, doors and other construction details become part of the prefabricated blocks. The ceiling can have a huge span, up to 7m (at 500kg/m2 and just 25cm ceiling thickness). Walls, ceilings and roofs can be made in thicknesses from 12 to 40cm. Windows can be round or rectangular. Door and roof shapes are made easily with precise CNC milling. Combining metal, stone, glass or ceramic with the wood is easy.

All upfront planning is thorough and detailed. This minimises the efforts needed on site and helps save money and time in raising. The speed of construction is a huge benefit in wet and cold climates.


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Wood and human health. Using Holz100
Wood and human health
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