Sigi Liebmann
PO Box 940, Golden, BC
V0A 1H0, Canada

Office: 250-344-1067
E-mail: info@wood100.ca

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The healthiest, most sustainable home

We are the first and most experienced partner for Thoma Holz100 in Canada. Sigi Liebmann is a Swiss Master Timberframer based in Golden, BC. Sigi's experience building with wood is second to none.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any of the following:

  • a brochure explaining Wood100 in more detail
  • to speak to Sigi about Wood100
  • technical specifications if you are an architect or engineer
  • general suggestions and advice
  • to have any questions answered

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Why others chose to build with Wood100 / Holz100

Wood and human health. Using Holz100
Wood and human health
Issue 1 [ .PDF ]

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