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Wood100 was invented in Austria by Erwin Thoma over 20 years ago and heralded a new era of quality wood home construction. The patented Wood100 construction method - layers of solid woodconnected with wooden dowels to thicknesses of up to 40cm - uses no glue or other chemical pollutants. The solid wood panels are assembled into interioor walls, floors and ceilings, roof structures and exterior walls and results in a healthy natural shell surrounding the occupants of the home.

Homes can be prone to noise pollution, fire, radiation pollution, earthquake, flood, mould, unhealthy air quality and inefficient insulation. Instead of pollution filled chemicals and adhesives, our houses are made as a solid wood shell. Layers of wood connected with wooden pegs are assembled into solid wood panels designed for interior walls, floors and ceilings, roof structures and exterior walls.

The resulting indestructible solid wooden blocks are highly water resistant and perform better than other construction methods in heat insulation, fire security, radiation shielding, earthquake safety and have 100% protection against condensation and mould growth.

Why does it matter?

An appreciation of the standard of solid wood ancient buildings, coupled with a strong environmental concern for cradle to cradle building and our mission to build the healthiest home lie behind our product.

Temples in Japan over 1600 years old are wooden buildings with wooden peg connectors. These buildings have outlasted storms and earthquakes proving the effectiveness of wood to wood connections and solid wood construction. Thoma Wood100 is such a solid wood construction system.


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Wood and human health. Using Holz100
Wood and human health
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